Custom designed payroll systems for the future growth of your company.

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We have the ability to custom design a payroll system that will allow for your present needs as well as the future growth of your company.  The system we design will meet the requirements of a local or a multi-state payroll and will help you control the cost of payroll production and payment distribution in two very important ways:

  • Cost for the service will be on a per item basis so that you can accurately project cost as you grow
  • Utilization of services will allow you to handle substantial growth without the need for additional employees (cost of labor is the greatest portion of any budget and its reduction can greatly enhance profits)

Using dependable technologies, we will provide you with a secure, totally flexible solution for payroll processing that can be completely automated.  We can develop a full interface with your timekeeping system or our’s and then can electronically merge the data into our payroll system to facilitate payroll production and payment distributions.

Payroll Check Writing Direct Deposit
Payroll Debit Cards Electronic Tax Filing
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“Beside the best service, flexible reporting methods and other products all at affordable rates, why else would I use Payrolls R Us?”

Here’s why:  With our “Go Green” paperless model, you send us the payroll, you receive your reports and eStubs via our secure web portal.  As another option, the eStubs can be emailed directly to the individual employees and your accountant can also have access to your payroll reports.  Since the payroll needs to be 100% direct deposit, your unbankable employees can use our payroll debit cards.  Not only is our “Go Green” sound for the environment without using up more trees and fuel, there’s no shipping fees or delivery issues for you.

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